Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Striped Mike the Monkey

So while I am on a roll updating my blog I thought I would include pictures of the latest addition to my completed knitting portfolio. I have knitted Mike the Monkey again but have given him a Stripey facelift. I think my sewing has greatly improved against my first Mike the Monkey so I am very pleased!

He took awhile to knit, as this was the first time I have knitted a project using 5 balls of yarn at the same time. The efforts were worth it though, I *personally* think he is adorable!!

Here are some pictures of the handsome fella:



I am using the leftover wool to knit another Lion so I will update in a few days when I have finished stitching him up!

Thanks for looking

Cheers, Sarah x

Counted Cross Stitching

I have tried my hand several times at completing Counted Cross Stitch. My latest project was for a friend's baby boy and I think it turned out well. It is not as much of a passion as my knitting but I do enjoy completing them in between knitting projects.

Here are some pictures of the latest completed Counted Cross Stitch I have done.

I think I will need to find some Counted Cross Stitches for our baby nursery soon! Will keep you posted on my progress :)


Baby Cross Over Cardi's

Hi there knitters!

So, the week of our wedding Dave and I found out that we were pregnant! We are now half way through our pregnancy which has had it's up's and down's! It's a very exciting time and has put a new life into my knitting.

I am also in the midst of changing jobs for a few months until the baby arrives, so that should give me much more time to knit as I will not longer be jetsetting for work! Bring on the needles!!!

A few months ago I completed some baby cross over cardigan's in Cleckheaton Baby Cocoon Wool. I have completed a pink and blue one 'just in case'. They were a challenge and I have decided that sewing lessons could come in handy! Luckily for me, my best friend has bought me a sewing lesson voucher for my birthday so I will soon be off to lessons so I can improve my sewing up of all my projects... especially baby clothes!

Here is a picture of the completed baby cross over cardigans.



Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding & Honeymoon

Hello to my precious blog,

Long time no see! With final wedding preparations and a month long European honeymoon knitting took a backseat. I can tell you that whilst travelling on long train rides in Europe to get between destinations I craved my knitting - obsessed much? Anyway, I looked for anything in Europe knitting related and came up empty handed... no yarn, no needles, no patterns!! Maybe because they were heading into Summer I do not know but I was disappointed. There was no gorgeous European yarn for me to bring home! So I settled on magnets :)

Since being home I have picked up knitting again... it's like an old friend. So familiar and easy to get along with. I have a few projects I left incomplete before the wedding that I am studiously working on to finish so stay tuned.

Cheers, Sarah

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 months to go!

Well today marks the 12 week countdown till our wedding and I am sitting here thinking about the list of things that still need to be organised for the big day. I'm slowly losing the time I have up my sleeve and the things are still sitting there unchecked on my to-do list!

Hopefully Dave and I can pull together and get most of it knocked off before the beginning of February! The invitations should be sent out this week (when I finally getting maps and accommodation ideas printed out!!) and then we can focus on organising the cake and bomboniere. Some days I just wish the whole wedding was over and we were on our honeymoon!

First on my wedding list is mind, body and health. Wish me luck with that --- my current exercise regime is ramping up and my Personal Trainer tries to kill me everytime I see her.

As for knitting, it has taken a backseat to a cross stitch project I have started as a Christening present for my friend's first baby at the end of January. It's quite a project so hopefully I can get it complete to give to her on the day!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year! Did anyone make any resolutions? Mine is to be a more relaxed and easy going me......... while concentrating on tapping into the healthy side of myself and overcoming my sugar addiction!! haha... Welcome to 2010 it's going to be quite a year!!

Cheers, Sarah x

Monday, December 28, 2009

Luke is complete!

I have finished Luke the Lion. He came in a pattern kit and is part of the Wild Friends range.

I found Luke easier to knit than Mike because he is simply garter stitch with hardly any body or limb shaping required. The only time consuming knitting part was the stripes, but they really make the pattern I think!

Completing Luke was harder than Mike though as there were bullion, straight and satin stitching required, as well as french knots for his freckles but with a little help from Youtube I think he turned out perfectly!

Hope you enjoy his pictures.



and a close up

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and safe New Year!

I was busy knitting some gifts for a few close American friends recently and some of the gifts have arrived. Here are some pictures of the two scarves that I made for my friends.

Blue Patons INCA Texture Rib Scarf


Red Patons INCA Double Rib Scarf

and with it's tassles.

Hope you like them! Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!